TV Antena Nord march 2010

Interview with CEO Fabrizio Simonetti

TV ANTENA NORD March 6, 2010 Shkodër

Grid was the first one in, it has celebrated 5 years of success in Albania… and now it’s in Scutari!

It’s true, we were one of the first to enter Albania 5 years ago, and since then, we’ve posted an unbroken string of successful results… so much so that today we’ve come to Scutari to select some young people to work with us on our new homeshoring project.

How did an Italian such as yourself become the head of the leading call center in Albania?

I’m rather proud of that, actually: personally, I’ve always looked beyond national boundaries. After my career at the Italian Energy Multinational, I did business in both Venezuela and Russia. I knew something about how things work in those countries, but in Italy I had been impressed with the way I had seen many Albanians work. So, when the Italian holding asked me to open a contact center company somewhere in Europe, I didn’t hesitate: Albania was my first choice. Now that I have lived here for seven years, I know I was right to place my faith in the Albanian people and I am pleased to share Grid’s success with them.

Everyone says that the way Grid operates and the way it approaches the market is different …

Grid’s business model is very versatile and flexible and enjoys the support of the Italian parent company, which contributes the most advanced know-how: this guarantees us good market positioning. But I am also convinced that Grid performs a social function with respect to young Albanians, because for years now it has offered its employees a dynamic, satisfying and responsible professional life. This means that our company can count on many capable, loyal and enthusiastic collaborators!

What’s going to happen at the Millennium Cinema today?

We’re going to present the innovative Grid Homeshoring technology to the young people of Scutari and the surrounding area: I’m sure their response will be positive. We believe in their potential and are convinced that, with their help, we can achieve our growth targets for all of Albania in the near future.