About Us

Grid sh.p.k. is an Albanian company, based in Tirana, and the first – since 2005 – to operate a successful Contact Center in that country.

A subsidiary of Alchimia, Grid boasts a list of over a hundred client companies ….find out more.

Grid’s results are guaranteed by the parent company’s knowhow and by the excellent performance of its 350 young operators and 15 managers of various levels, all perfectly fluent in Italian thanks to years of experience, and by the motivational impetus developed through years of investment in professional, technical, managerial and communications training.

Alchimia SpA. is an important investment firm, 100% controlled by Marina Salamon. The Mediobanca report on the sector lists it among the first 220 Italian holding companies. Alchimia controls important companies in the textile/apparel sector, market research, executive consulting, communications and finance.